Building Your New Network in the U.S.


Going through the traditional job search online is tough because only about 2% of applicants get the interview. For international students, it can be even tougher. When you get the immigration screening questions at the beginning of the application process. You may not be able to move on to the next round. Many companies clearly […]

The 3 Things First-Year International Students should do


Many international students strive for academic excellence while pursuing higher education in the U.S. While this is a great goal, several international students become so focused on academics that they neglect to network with people in the field they dream of pursuing. Unfortunately, the online job application process yields few results. And because many have […]

Finding Target Professionals on LinkedIn


Dear Coach Kwan, I just finished my finals and woohoo… I officially graduated! Now, I am trying to be more proactive about my job search. I understand that LinkedIn is a great tool to use for online networking, but how exactly do I go about searching for specific professionals that I should contact? Sincerely, A […]

Career Fair Prep: How To Research A Company

Dear Coach Kwan, As career fair season quickly approaches, I am starting to get nervous about how to approach it. I understand that it is a great opportunity for me and I think I know how I should act during the fair but how should I prepare for it beforehand? Sincerely, A slightly-but-actually-very-nervous international student […]

How To Create Interesting Conversations


The new school year has started. You’ve taken your first classes and met tons of new classmates. Have you made any new friends? If you answered “No, I haven’t. I don’t know what to talk to them about!” then you are not alone. Many of the former international students that I’ve met have admitted they […]

Networking with Organizational Leaders in the U.S.


Dear Coach Kwan, In the past, you advised that we should connect with small and medium-sized companies because of their flexible hiring policies and the better chances of reaching higher-ups. How do you propose I go about searching for these key people? Best, An avid ICAway blog reader In my previous blog post, I advised […]

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