2023 Job Search Game Plan for F-1 Students (During the Era of Mass Layoffs)

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In this episode, I will be discussing the 2023 Job Search Game Plan for F-1 Students (during the Tech Layoff era)

The 2022 US job market could be intimidating as many big tech companies went through serious downsizing that led to many employees getting laid off.

This is concerning among all international students because those companies were common sponsors of H-1B work visas and green cards, but now they seem to have completely shut their doors to new employees.

So what can you do in 2023 to ensure that you land a job that you deserve?

First of all – let’s keep being positive

Don’t panic!

In November 2022, the Society of Human resources Management or SHRM published an article saying that technology job openings remain well above their pre-pandemic level.

And the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ new employment data shows that there are still almost two job openings for each job seeker.

You heard it right! There are almost two job openings for each of you!

However, The competition in the job market overall is going to be more intense as there are more experienced candidates available in the job market.

the First step to looking for jobs in 2023 is to target careers in the industries that are hiring.

We usually see a strong relationship between economic growth and employment.

Meaning that, if a certain industry is performing well, there’s a high chance of more employment in that particular industry.

Right before the New Year, the Economic Intelligence Unit or EIU published a report that summarized challenges, opportunities, and trends to watch in 7 business sectors for 2023.

Here’s a quick recap for you

1)The automotive industry will be on the rise because of the increasing sales of electric vehicles

2) Consumer goods and retailing are experiencing a lower volume of sales and surging costs which weakens retailers’ profits. They’re turning to automation and technology in order to reduce labor costs.

3) The Energy industry is slowing due to natural events, but the advances in renewable energy are continuing

4) Financial Services – Times will be tough for financial services due to rising interest rates and inflation. FinTech companies are likely to fail in large numbers, but there are increasing needs for savings for aging populations and huge financing needs for policy objectives such as decarbonization and infrastructure improvements.

5) Healthcare, for this sector, they are being affected by inflation, unfortunately.

6) Tech industry, the hiring trend is still hopeful as The metaverse has led to new openings in this industry.

7) Tourism will jump up by 30% from people tired of hiding in lockdown.

Now you know which industry will tend to have more job openings coming up this year

Next is to focus on marketing yourself to those industries as the job competition will be more intense and you’ll need to become extra good at marketing yourself as the right candidate for the job.

What can you do to raise your chances of getting hired?

ICAway students still receive job offers during this layoff era.

Two keys to success in the United States job market are career branding and networking.

Having a brand will help you showcase your skills and abilities to meet your target employer’s needs.

Networking skills will help you engage people to advocate for you and help you get a position at your desired workplace.

Aim to be more than just another job seeker.

I’m rooting for you and wish all of you lots of success with your job hunt in 2023!

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