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At ICAway, we are experts in building networking and career branding strategies for International Students. We empower our International Students and help prioritize their job search activities. Our students are able to focus on job search activities that bring them closer to their goals. 100% of students who took one-on-one intensive programs with Coach Kwan landed jobs.

Over 1K students coached

Many of them have successfully landed jobs at companies such as:

We are a Partner

International Educator and Career Services Leaders' Consulting Partners

We partner with U.S. colleges and universities' Center for International Education and Global Strategy and the Career Services in their  efforts to bring better value to their  international student body.  

We  provide workshops and webinars to multiple partners, customizing  our training materials, and creating  new content  to meet their characteristics and requirements. We help U.S. institutions expand their partnerships with Thailand institutions. We contribute to the development and implementation of global learning experiences for Thai students.

When International Students benefit more from their school's support system, they are more likely to engage in their school activities and less likely to transfer. Likewise, when schools are recognized for their international student initiatives, they are  more likely to attract and retain international students.


Over 40 onsite presentations & webinars

for international students and educators

We are an Empowering Community

We connect students & professionals

We are growing an inter-school community of international students and professionals where we share knowledge, career opportunities, and updates on the job market and regulations.

Many students find a good friend or a mentor from across the country thanks to their mutual experiences with us. The success stories regularly shared in the community help keep international students motivated and determined throughout their career search in the U.S.

How did we get started?

ICAway (I-SEE-A-WAY) was founded in January 2017 by Kwan Segal, an experienced human-capital consultant with over 15 years of professional experience at global organizations like BMW, Accenture, and Deloitte.​

When Kwan first moved to the U.S., she encountered the same obstacles that most international students still do before landing a 6-figure salaried job with Deloitte, one of the world's most selective and highest performing consultant firms. She decided to combine this firsthand experience with her extensive HR background to help international students land jobs in the U.S. without going through the same pain she did.

In May 2019, ICAway has officially launched an official online platform for the ICAway Career Success Training Program called "ICAway Talent Platform." We believe that students will truly enjoy a platform that is dedicated to helping them realize their career dream in the U.S.

Our client experience

“Kwan is a great resource. We’re glad to have her here and will have to get her to come back”

Kevin J. Hardy, Director

Lindner Career Services Center​, University of Cincinnati​

Think Big & Live Your Dream 

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