ICAway /i-see-a-way/

career coach for international students


is ICAway?

A Coach

for international job seekers on networking and career branding strategies.

A Partner

that provides training, workshops, and webinars for international educators and career services leaders.

An Empowering Community

that connects international job seekers with professionals to share knowledge, career opportunities, and updates on the job market and regulations.


did we get started?

When Kwan moved to the U.S. in 2014, she encountered the same obstacles most international students and immigrants share during her job search. She learned, adapted, and finally found the right approach to land a six-figure salary job at Deloitte Consulting in Chicago. She then decided to combine this firsthand experience with her extensive HR background to help international students land jobs in the U.S. without going through the difficulties she experienced.

Kwan volunteered and coached 100+ international students and founded ICAway in 2017. She used her 1:1 coaching approaches to develop a learning system called ICAway Talent Platform and officially launched it in May 2019. The Platform is dedicated to helping international students realize their career dream in the U.S.

Our Vision

Be the most-trusted career coach for international students in the U.S.

Our Mission

Empower international students for global employability and serve international education and career services leaders as a trusted advisor

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We are a small company with a big mission. We want to create change in our students’ lives and groom our team members to become top professionals in the areas of expertise they desire to pursue. To achieve this, all of us at ICAway are encouraged to carry these five core values:  

ICAway’s career resources are trusted by over 20 universities and professional organizations around the US. ICAway is also recognized as a recommended resource for international students on the National Career Development Association (NCDA)’s International Student Services Resource Guide.

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