An intensive 8-week program to make you stand out in the U.S. job market.

Immediate outcomes that our students have received after completing the program:


Recruiters have proactively reached out to them for job opportunities.


The response rate from jobs they've applied for is much higher.


Their LinkedIn's search appearances have significantly increased.

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This program is 100% online.

The platform includes interactive features that students can ask questions and receive feedback directly from Coach Kwan. 

Students can take the courses from anywhere at any time.


Program fees start at five easy payments of $99.

You will receive 20% OFF for a one-time payment.

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Here are some favorite questions from students:

1) Will the training be online or in-person?

Our program is 100% Online with interactive features that will feel like I'm coaching you in person. You can take the courses from anywhere at any time!

2) How do we feel interactive if we only take online courses?

I will be SUPER responsive. We have the discussion tool on the online platform. When you submit questions, I'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

Also, I will be the person who receives and reviews your assignments. You will get my guidance customized for your situations. 


3) Each student has a different career goal, how can these online modules be effective for all? How is that even possible?

The program works for students with any major as long as you want to get into the industry (NOT planning to work in Academia or medical fields). I am using my human capital consulting knowledge and skills to evaluate your profile the same way that HR professionals do (Competency analysis). 
I will teach you how to perform job market research based on your target roles and industries and build out your resume based on the competencies that your target employers are looking for.

4) Can I sign up for only 1 or 2 modules?

Yes, you can. But I don't recommend it. Our courses are interrelated and are designed to bring results e.g. higher interview rate, etc. You might miss something important that can delay the results. Also for the cost perspective, a bundled program will save you some money as well.