Adopting Resilience Skills

Everything that has happened, happens for a reason This doesn’t mean that we don’t have control of our destiny but it means we have control over our mindset and life that we want to have after any traumatic event or disappointments in life. (we will add a story of a boy and crocodile here) Namit […]

Career and Immigration Pathways

Every year, thousands of students from India leave their home country to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad. Studying in the US allows students to seek employment during and after Graduation with their CPT and OPT. However, going through that immigration pathway is not easy. In this episode, Vinod and Coach Kwan discussed the challenges […]

A Playbook for Landing Your Dream Job

If you dream to join big tech companies, you may find yourself running into obstacles to achieving that goal. Did you know that, in 2019, one of the FAANG companies received around 3.3 million job applications and a candidate has only a 0.2% chance of getting hired? In this episode, Amit and I will talk […]

Going Global as an Entrepreneur

Millennial and Gen Z entrepreneurship is growing at a faster rate. It is possibly because of the reason that Entrepreneurship is granting people more freedom along with generating more income if you do it right. However, choosing entrepreneurship is not easy and is full of difficulties. Being an entrepreneur means you are never off duty, […]

Overcoming Your Fears

We understand how challenging it is for so many people when they need to step outside of their comfort zone; for example; as an international student, the idea of starting networking with American professionals that you’ve never met before must make you feel very nervous. In this podcast episode, Coach Kwan, CEO & Founder of […]

Our Accents in Job Interviews

Having an accent has always been the main barrier to Career development for many of us who were not born and raised in an English speaking country. From a psychological research from Wharton, it revealed that non-native speakers of English are perceived as having weak political skills — which is considered essential for career success. […]

Finding Mentors

Robina Singh, a National Director at Ascend, is sitting with Coach Kwan Segal, Founder & CEO of ICAway, to discuss why mentors are needed for professional success, especially for International Students who are here in the US and want to find jobs in the future. Studies show that good mentoring can lead to greater career […]

Global Early Talents

The class of 2020 now faces a challenging situation due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Job postings have dropped more than 40% nationally and The total number of job losses for the month of April alone was more than double the total jobs lost during the Great Recession. Many of you may be wondering how […]

Getting Hired into a FAANG company

Employment is one of the main reasons that International Students choose to pursue their education in the US. The class of 2020 now faces a challenging situation due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The unemployment rate has already jumped more in one month than it has in 45 years. Many of you may be wondering […]

Becoming Extra Good

ICAway guest mentor in this episode is Angela Jiang, a professional services director at one of the Big 4 Accounting firms. Angela has over 13+ years of experience in audit, controls, risk management, and compliance. She is a former international student herself and understands the challenges in the workplace that are brought on by culture […]