Pandemic Jobs: How to Prepare and Find Jobs during the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID 19 Impacts on job searches 8

This world pandemic is an important topic that is on everyone’s mind. My heart goes out to all of the International Students who are far away from home and your families. Many International Students plan to secure employment after graduation and feel very nervous about the current situation. ICAway hosted a webinar on COVID-19’s impact […]

Career Fair Prep: How To Research A Company

Dear Coach Kwan, As career fair season quickly approaches, I am starting to get nervous about how to approach it. I understand that it is a great opportunity for me and I think I know how I should act during the fair but how should I prepare for it beforehand? Sincerely, A slightly-but-actually-very-nervous international student […]

Introducing the ICAway Talent Platform

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to coach some amazing ICAway students. I could see them land their dream jobs, for which I feel truly grateful. Through this experience, I have seen the common mistakes that international students make when searching for jobs in the U.S.. And have discovered the three […]