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International Students’ Stories: Career Fair Strategy

Even before coming to the U.S., I asked myself: what is in store for me beyond graduation? If I graduate and then go back home to work, will what I have learned academically in the U.S. be applicable at all?

job interview

5 Steps to a Successful Informational Interview

I feel like I’m doing something wrong when I try to network. I’ve asked my professor to connect me with a few professionals in his network. When I got on a call with those professionals and asked if they can refer me to the company, they all said that they would keep an eye out for me. Unfortunately, I never hear anything back. What is your advice for my situation?


Excel Your Career With Our Top 5 Holiday Networking Tips

Dear Coach Kwan,

This is my first year in the States after the pandemic and I will be graduating soon. I know networking is important, and I heard the holiday season could be a great time to network. How can I optimize this holiday seasons in the US for networking post-pandemic?

H1B CPT OPT Jobs International Students

Introducing “Lift as We Climb”: Mentorship for Our Community

Nobody achieves success alone. We all need communities of people to support, and who support us, to build each other up and provide unique and helpful insight. In this way, anyone can succeed. ICAway aims to support a community of international students, immigrants, and leaders who want to pay it forward.

“Lift as We Climb” Mentorship program seeks to help build students’ ability to create mentor/mentee relationships.

Summer Networking Strategy

How To Make The Most Out Of Summer: Networking & Internship Hunting Dear Coach Kwan, Now that summer is here, I want to take advantage


Building Your New Network in the U.S.

Going through the traditional job search online is tough because only about 2% of applicants get the interview. For international students, it can be even


Finding Target Professionals on LinkedIn

Dear Coach Kwan, I just finished my finals and woohoo… I officially graduated! Now, I am trying to be more proactive about my job search.

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