How To Create Interesting Conversations


The new school year has started. You’ve taken your first classes and met tons of new classmates. Have you made any new friends? If you answered “No, I haven’t. I don’t know what to talk to them about!” then you are not alone. Many of the former international students that I’ve met have admitted they […]

Networking with Organizational Leaders in the U.S.


Dear Coach Kwan, In the past, you advised that we should connect with small and medium-sized companies because of their flexible hiring policies and the better chances of reaching higher-ups. How do you propose I go about searching for these key people? Best, An avid ICAway blog reader In my previous blog post, I advised […]

How To Maintain Relationships With Potential Mentors


Dear Coach Kwan, I am struggling with maintaining a relationship with someone who I think could potentially be a great mentor for me. We have been corresponding via email, and he has been responding in a very nice manner. However, I don’t know what to do from here–what should I do next to keep this […]

New to the U.S. and LinkedIn Networking?
Here’s Where You Can Start


Are you experiencing the same situation that I had when I first moved to the U.S. in 2014? I had almost “zero” connections to people in the U.S. on my LinkedIn. However, I realized it’s important to start building new networks on LinkedIn to get noticed by potential employers. Being on LinkedIn helps someone who […]

Networking Blueprint For International Students:
10 Easy Steps

Capture and ICAway in conjunction have published an article to help International Students in the U.S. navigate networking challenges. Check it out by clicking the link below: Listen to our students at: