Study Abroad: 10 Points to Consider as an International Student

Study abroad

Dear Coach Kwan, I’m planning to pursue a degree in the US. What are some things that I should consider to ensure that I am fully prepared to optimize my time as an international student in the US? – Aspiring international student dreaming to join a university in the US. I’m so happy to see […]

Summer Networking Strategy

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How To Make The Most Out Of Summer: Networking & Internship Hunting Dear Coach Kwan, Now that summer is here, I want to take advantage of having a break from school and focus on my job search. How can I take advantage during this time to maximize my chances of landing my dream job? Sincerely, […]

10 Things to Remember When Searching for Jobs in the First Quarter of 2021


Dear Coach Kwan, I feel like 2020 was a really difficult and unstable year for jobs. What should I be aware of this year to help me be prepared? A Soon-to-be Graduate International Student First of all, I’m so proud of you for making it through this unprecedented year! I know many of you are […]

What we got from the immigration attorney: Proclamation regarding H-1B, L-1 and J-1


According to the latest Proclamation Suspending Entry of Aliens Who Present a Risk to the U.S. Labor Market Following the Coronavirus Outbreak, here is some helpful information that we have received from our NAFSA network, Mark B. Rhoads, who is the immigration attorney at McCandilsh Holton. Disclaimer: This is meant to be a general guide […]

Pandemic Jobs: How to Prepare and Find Jobs during the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID 19 Impacts on job searches 8

This world pandemic is an important topic that is on everyone’s mind. My heart goes out to all of the International Students who are far away from home and your families. Many International Students plan to secure employment after graduation and feel very nervous about the current situation. ICAway hosted a webinar on COVID-19’s impact […]

Building Your New Network in the U.S.


Going through the traditional job search online is tough because only about 2% of applicants get the interview. For international students, it can be even tougher. When you get the immigration screening questions at the beginning of the application process. You may not be able to move on to the next round. Many companies clearly […]