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of our students get interviews or job offers within 3 weeks of finishing the program.

Their Average Salaries

are twice the average national salary for college graduates.

They got recruited

by top tech companies without applying online.

ICAway alumni

have reported success in getting a promotion within one year.

Watch Linh's Story 👉🏽

Watch Linh's Story 👇🏽

International students can face challenges launching their careers in the United States.

By joining ICAway, international students (both STEM and non-STEM degrees) will be able to navigate barriers and take advantage of their career development opportunities in the U.S. 

Join us as soon as possible! Don’t wait until you’re so close to graduation.

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Meet Coach Kwan Segal

A Certified Senior Professional In Human Resources (SPHR)
An Experienced Human Capital Consultant With Over 15 Years Of Work Experience

Coach Kwan Segal

Job searching is not an easy task, especially when we’re in a new country or when meeting with a group of people we’re unfamiliar with. The confidence we used to have back home has been replaced with anxiety and self-doubt.

I completely understand what you’re going through! I want to give you the tools you need to succeed so that you don’t have to endure that struggle alone.

When I moved to the US in 2014, I faced the same challenges that you’re experiencing now.

Throughout my journey adapting to this new culture, I made lots of mistakes. But, I learned from those mistakes and finally found the approach that allowed me to land a job that offered me a six-figure salary in the US.

I relate to your struggles, and I want to ensure that you reach your fullest potential. I will stand by your side to support you as you look for your dream job.

With me and ICAway, you don’t need to go through the challenge of your job search process alone!



A Complete Career Solution for International Students

Meet with Coach Kwan

Know exactly what to do to land a job with a target job landing date

Get Networking Skills Training

Build new skills to connect with professionals and convert your connections into job referrals

Develop Your Career Brand

Build your new resumes, LinkedIn, e-Portfolio, job interview skills, and much more!

Ask Unlimited Questions

Ask questions directly with Coach Kwan, as well as, receive immigration advice from an immigration attorney

Attend Group Coaching Sessions

Learn from Coach Kwan, ICAway Guest Mentors and other students

Join a Community of International Students & Professionals

Join our exclusive LinkedIn Group and connect with mentors and friends


“Finding a job as a non-STEM international student is extremely challenging. But with Coach Kwan's guidance and advice on personal branding and professional networking, I successfully broke into tech with a non-traditional background and landed my dream job right before graduation. Kwan is not just a coach that would push you out of your comfort zone, but an amazing mentor and dear friend. Invest in yourself and don't miss out on this great opportunity for the bright future that you have been dreaming of!”
Janet Chu
University of Cincinnati
MA in Professional Writing
“Motivation, support and news! We get everything from Coach Kwan even when we get side tracked. She keeps us moving forward. Can't appreciate it enough. Thank you Kwan!”
Vishrut Gandhi
New York Institute of Technology
MS in Cybersecurity
“Job searching when you're an international student in the US is challenging not only in legal ways, but also in cultural ways. ICAway's coach Kwan taught me how to own my cultural differences and use it to my advantage during my job search. It truly helps to be coached by someone who went through the same challenges as you - and that's Coach Kwan! Not to mention, people here truly care for you, and they are there for you whenever you need them. And the thing that matters the most - yes, I found a job!!”
Naisargi Dave
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
MS in Environmental Engineering

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