Getting Your First Job in the U.S.

Guide to Landing a job with your CPT and OPT

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Coach Kwan Segal

Coach Kwan Segal

Senior Professional HR certified
Experienced Human Capital Consultant with 20+ years of work experience

Hi there, this is Coach Kwan.

Job searching is not an easy task. Especially, when we’re in a new country, or when we meet with a group of people we are unfamiliar with, the confidence we used to have back home is now replaced by anxiety and self-doubt.

I totally understand what you’re going through! I want to give you the tools you need to succeed without having to go through the difficulties on your own. 

Because when I moved to the US in 2014,  I needed to overcome all the challenges that a non-American-born candidate usually experiences.

Throughout my journey adapting to this new culture, I ended up making lots of mistakes. But I also learned from my mistakes and finally found the right approach that helped me land a six-figure salary job in the US.

I understand your challenges as an international student or a first-generation immigrant. I want to make sure that you are brought to your fullest potential as well as being available to reassure you through this process.

Please know that you don’t need to go through this difficult job searching process alone! You have me and ICAway!

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Our Success Stories


of our students get interviews or job offers within 3 weeks of finishing the program.

Their Average Salaries

are twice the average national salary for college graduates.

They got recruited

by top tech companies without applying online.

ICAway alumni

have reported success in getting a promotion within one year.


“I felt much more confident navigating through the job search process as an international student. I eventually received 4 job offers from companies of my dream industry.”
Trang Vu, Ph.D.
Senior R&D Scientist, Unilever
“Without a structure from the ICAway Talent Platform, I don’t think I would have landed a job at Amazon.”
Shazman Khan
Program Manager, Amazon
“Through assignments like job requirement research and selling point finders on the ICAway Talent Platform, I created brand new resumes from scratch and optimized my LinkedIn profile with the keywords, which raised the response rate after resume submission and connection invitations.”
Li-Ting Hsieh
Program Manager, Microsoft

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