Global Early Talents

The class of 2020 now faces a challenging situation due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Job postings have dropped more than 40% nationally and The total number of job losses for the month of April alone was more than double the total jobs lost during the Great Recession.

Many of you may be wondering how you can stand out during this extremely competitive job search situation when you consider yourself as someone who does not have much experience.

As part of this interview, we will discuss some qualities that a young professional like yourself can highlight beyond technical skills in order to stand out and be selected as an early talent for the company.

ICAway guest mentor today is June Huynh, the Program Lead for the Student Training and Rotation Internship program at SAP America.

SAP is the winner of the #1 intern program of 2019. SAP’s 1,000+ interns represent 11 different countries. Let’s listen to June and learn about the expectations from a top Global employer like SAP. Find out what are their criteria to choose students or new graduates to become a full-time member of the company after the internship.

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Coach Kwan

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