Career Tips for International Students

Visa Pathways for F1 & H-1B Policies

This episode is designed to help our International Students who plan to stay in the US as long as possible. If that’s your plan, you need to think beyond an OPT. Here are a few examples of questions we walked through with Attorney Art Serratelli in this episode:

  • Why H-1B is the most popular employer-sponsored visa?
  • What’s the cost and processing time like?
  • Why do some companies clearly said that they didn’t want to sponsor?
  • What are some key changes that will impact future H-1B sponsorship in 2020?
  • What should be the strategy for the year 2020?

Art is the Partner Serratelli Mijal PLLC – a skilled immigration law firm that helps clients from all over the world secure their future in America. Coach Kwan and Attorney Art walked through all FAQs from many international students and educators when it comes to H-1B sponsoring.

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