Career Tips for International Students

Introducing the “CPT, OPT, and H-1B Job Guides” Podcast

To learn more about job search strategy for F-1 international students, visit I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand and when I moved to the U.S. in 2014, I was so excited about starting my new chapter! But after months of job hunting, I became very frustrated and disappointed because it was not easy to land my dream job since I wasn’t born and raised in the US! I didn’t know how to market myself! I didn’t know how to communicate my brand to American employers. I didn’t know how to make people like me enough to eventually become referrals for my dream company. Nobody gave me proper advice about how to communicate my work authorizations as an immigrant! I experienced unique barriers that most American friends of mine will never understand! I evaluated my situation, I came up with a new game plan and finally discovered how to market myself as an international professional. I built new connections from scratch and secured a 6-figure salary job at one of the big four consulting firms in Chicago. The firm said they receive about 500,000 job applications a year and only 3.5 percent of them get hired and I got hired. This is what I’m here for! At ICAway, my mission is to help YOU achieve the same outcome I want to help international students or first-generation immigrants overcome their obstacles and be able to successfully market themselves to American employers. If you are a school advisor advocating an IS career, I really admire your dedication and hard work in supporting the international student community! I’d like you to know that ICAway is here to support you and your work in order to achieve our common goal – helping international students launch their first career in the US. This is the new season of the ICAway podcast that’s designed to help international students launch their first career in the US. The international student job search situation is very unique! When compared with domestic students, International students have to deal with more intense time constraints in their career search. like having to get hired within 90 days after the OPT work authorization starts, and getting work visa sponsorship before the expiration of their OPT. This podcast will help you start making the right gameplan, and build a career brand and networking strategy. You need a game plan because success happens when you start early, follow a proven strategy, and never give up. Let’s start by looking at some true stories of people that have used the information that I will be discussing in this podcast. They are international students at ICAway who landed their dream jobs at top global companies because they had solid career brands and networking skills. All of them bypassed all the traditional job application processes because they know how to optimize their career brand and network with the right people. In our next episodes, I’ll start sharing the formulas they use to help them land their dream jobs. Stay tuned! — Support this podcast: