ICAway Talent Platform

A Complete Career Coaching Solution for International Students

ICAway Talent Platform Learning Plan

StageKey Milestones
1Meet with Coach Kwan to build your personal game plan and review your assessment results (Complete & VIP only)
2Build your networking skills (Duration: 1 week or at your own pace)
3Build your new career brand (Duration: 2 weeks or at your own pace)
4Attend our group calls and Q&As with Coach Kwan until you land a job (Complete & VIP only)

Learning Modules


Assessment & Game Plan
(Complete & VIP)

Take our in-house special assessment to evaluate your eight important career search areas for international students

Build a game plan with key actionable steps to achieve your career goals

Coach Kwan will walk through your personalized career search game plan and discuss how you can optimize our resources effectively.

Networking Strategy

Change the way you think about networking. You will shift your mindset from thinking of networking as intimidating to something attainable and inspiring.

Receive tips to build trust and engagement with professionals and turn them into your career advocates.

Create an actionable networking plan to identify, find and maintain a relationship with your target professionals and companies.

Get all the best resources such as networking email templates, LinkedIn invite and InMail templates, Informational Interview templates, Asking for Referrals templates, Networking Evaluation Tools and much more!

Career Branding Strategy

Define a career goal that helps increase your chances of getting job interviews and eventually get hired.

Promote the right skills and experience to attract your target employers via your strategic resume building, keyword-optimized LinkedIn, e-Portfolio, business card, and email signature.

Approach job interviews strategically and position yourself as a business problem solver. You will also get tips on how to juggle multiple job offers and negotiate a salary.

Approach the job search process as if it were a project, which will allow you to be focused, organized and goal-oriented.

Get all the best resources such as Job Interview Cheat Sheet, Salary Negotiations, Cover Letters, Resumes and much more!

(Complete & VIP)

Receive red carpet email Q&A access with a skilled immigration attorney

Use a special template to report your statuses of job searching and receive personalized advice