Overcoming Your Fears

We understand how challenging it is for so many people when they need to step outside of their comfort zone; for example; as an international student, the idea of starting networking with American professionals that you’ve never met before must make you feel very nervous.

In this podcast episode, Coach Kwan, CEO & Founder of ICAway (https://www.icaway.com/) has invited Yoshi Umehara, a former US tax accountant at one of the Big 4 public accounting firms. Today, Yoshi is an entrepreneur starting his business that focuses on personal development and soft skills enhancement – YEAYUBOX( https://www.yeayubox.com/).

Yoshi and Coach Kwan have recently sat down and discussed their personal experience in overcoming their fears and stepping outside of their comfort zone. We hope that our conversation will help you feel brave and bold to stay outside your comfort zone.

Make sure you check out these key points:

  • @18:00 Yoshi’s “stepping outside of his comfort zone” memorable moments
  • @31:00 Coach Kwan’s “stepping outside of her comfort zone” journey
  • @42:00 Yoshi’s latest stepping outside his comfort zone event
  • @56:00 Our Call to Action for You! (especially a story of an international candidate that Yoshi met at a career fair)

On a personal note, as a course creator, if anyone wants to start creating a course, you can check this out http://try.thinkific.com/kwansegal2157

Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/icaway/support

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Coach Kwan
Coach Kwan

I’m here to help you create a game plan, develop a career brand, and establish a networking strategy to land your first job in the U.S.

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