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Get Ready to Fight the COVID-19 Recession


During this COVID-19 challenging time, Coach Kwan also launches weekly LIVE group coaching sessions for all student members on top of our comprehensive training modules. This weekly call is to provide updates of jobs and industries, answer individual questions, and point out certain resources that you can utilize to beat this COVID-19 job search challenges.

Join us and receive comprehensive steps and techniques customized for international students, in order to make YOU stand out in the US job market.

When should I start and how much time do I need to complete the program?

  • As we have a customized game plan for students at different stages, this program will support students ranging from someone who just started their first year in the US to someone who has only 3 months before OPT starts.

  • You can finish all 7 modules within 7-15 weeks depending on the time that you dedicate to the modules per week. It is self-paced learning. Our recommendation is that you plan to spend at least 2 hours a week on the program.


Who should join the program?

  • This program is for International Students who need comprehensive steps and techniques to build new professional connections and find jobs in the U.S.

  • Students from any major who want to find jobs within the industry will benefit from this program.​​ Here are some of the professions that our student members have pursued:

    • Data Analysts​

    • Business Analysts

    • Financial Analysts

    • Quantitative Analysts

    • Market Research Analysts

    • Supply Chain Analysts

    • Product Analysts

    • Logistics Specialists

    • Mechanical Engineers

    • Program Managers

    • Project Managers

    • Project Engineers

    • Software Programmers

    • Java Developers

    • Instructional Designers

    • Architects

    • Quality Assurance Managers

    • Polymer Scientists

    • R&D Scientists

    • Research Agronomist 

    • Product Marketing

    • Program officer

    • Human Resources



The structure was clear, logical and effective. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Coach Kwan.


I started this career coaching program with many expectations. All of them have been fulfilled and surpassed. I’ve learned so many tips and strategies to find my dream jobs in this country.


Whenever I have questions about the lesson, I receive responses within the same day. This platform gives me clear steps of what to do and it feels like I have Coach Kwan coaching me personally.