Feeling nervous that job hunting

in the U.S. is

getting MORE and MORE difficult

for international students?

Stop struggling on your own!

Join our program and become a talent in the U.S. job market.




Shazman Khan

Energy Data Program Manager at Amazon

Got an internship in November 2019

Got recruited by Amazon in March 2020

Graduated in March 2020

"Without a structure from the ICAway Talent Platform, I don't think I would have landed a job at Amazon."


Maria Rivero

Project Engineer at Site Design Engineering

Got a job in May 2020

MBA Student (Expected Graduation in May 2021) 

"I started this career coaching program with many expectations. All of them have been fulfilled and surpassed."


Yuxi Sun

Supply Chain Specialist at Praxair

Got a job offer in August 2019

Graduated in December 2019

"ICAway is very hands-on, very detailed, and has a very responsible coaching plan. That's the reason why I chose ICAway"

Job & Internship Offers Earned by ICAway Alumni

and Many More...


Meet Your Coach

Kwan Segal, SPHR, EMBA

Hi! This is Coach Kwan, founder of ICAway /i-see-a-way/. 

I am a Learning & Development leader and a passionate global talent mentor with 15+ years in human capital consulting and work experience at global consulting firms like Accenture and Deloitte.


Here's my story. When I moved to the US in 2014, I needed to overcome all kinds of job search barriers that non-American born candidates usually experience. I learned and adapted and finally found the right approach that helped me land a six-figure salary job at Deloitte Consulting in Chicago.

From that experience, I volunteered and coached 100+ international students and founded ICAway in 2017. I used my 1:1 coaching approaches to develop a learning system called ICAway Talent Platform. The program includes comprehensive steps and methodologies that are responsive and customized for student backgrounds while providing 24/7 access through our digital platform.

This is not just another online course. I am committed to bringing success to my students. As long as you are a high performer and are not afraid of putting your efforts and time to work with me, you will experience a transformation that will not only help you get your first job but also build your professionalism for long-term success in Corporate America. 


You will get comprehensive training to help you 1) Build connections with US professionals and 2) Standout as a specialist in your field. After completing the training, Coach Kwan will help mentor and answer all the questions that you have until you land a job.


As a member of the ICAway Talent Platform, you will receive: 

✔ A private coaching session for Assessment and Game Plan with Coach Kwan

✔ Networking Training & Templates (copy/paste email and speaking scripts),

✔ Career Branding Training & Templates (Career Goal, Job Requirement Research, Selling Points, Resumes, LinkedIn, Email signature, Interview Skills, etc.),

✔ Interview buddy,

✔ Weekly group coaching sessions (during a pandemic), 

✔ An exclusive LinkedIn Group for members and mentors,

✔ Unlimited Email Q&As, and

✔ 50% OFF for additional private sessions if you need them.



Get access to the full ICAway Talent Platform training courses and Coach Kwan's mentorship (Save 15% vs. paying monthly)




Get access to the full ICAway Talent Platform training courses and Coach Kwan's mentorship by spreading your payments out across 5 months!



Is ICAway a consultancy that does Corp to Corp? 

  • No, we are not a consultancy or a job agent. We are an educator and career coach. We don't take any part of students' salaries as a fee for our service.

How can our students get into a large corporation without going through a consultancy?

  • It is because we equip our students with outstanding networking skills and a strong career brand. They've learned how to be their own career advocates and presented themselves as a talent for their fields.

When should I start and how much time do I need to complete the program?

  • If your goal is to find jobs when you're eligible for your CPT or OPT, you should start the program as soon as you can when you get to the US. Don't wait until you graduate.

  • You can finish all 7 modules within 4-15 weeks depending on the time that you dedicate to the modules per week. It is self-paced learning with virtual guidance. Once you complete the training, it is time to implement what you've learned through networking and job application. During this implementation phase, Coach Kwan will help mentor and answer all the questions that you have until you land a job.

Who should join the program?

  • This program is for International Students who need comprehensive steps and techniques to build new professional connections and find jobs in the U.S.

  • Students from any major who want to find jobs within the industry will benefit from this program.​​ Here are some of the professions that our student members have pursued:

    • Data Analysts​

    • Business Analysts

    • Financial Analysts

    • Quantitative Analysts

    • Market Research Analysts

    • Supply Chain Analysts

    • Product Analysts

    • Logistics Specialists

    • Mechanical Engineers

    • Program Managers

    • Project Managers

    • Project Engineers

    • Software Programmers

    • Java Developers

    • Instructional Designers

    • Architects

    • Quality Assurance Managers

    • Polymer Scientists

    • R&D Scientists

    • Research Agronomist 

    • Product Marketing

    • Program officer

    • Human Resources

Who should NOT join the program?

  • If you believe that you don't need to make an effort but becoming a member will give you a new job overnight, this is not a program for you.

  • If you want to be a generalist, not a specialist, this is not a program for you.

By becoming a member, you will get comprehensive steps to build meaningful connections with US professionals, research job markets, and develop your new resume and LinkedIn profile as a specialist, not a generalist.

Have questions? Contact us at ICAwayTeam@outlook.com