95.3% of our students

get job offers or interviews within 3 weeks after finishing the program.

Their average salaries are twice the average national starting salary for college graduates.

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Coach Kwan's Seven Step Strategic Approach

Here’s a 7-step strategic approach that I’ve combined from the success stories of ICAway students and my own career journey in the US.

By following these methodologies, my students have successfully overcome their unique challenges, from work visas to cultural barriers, with a targeted career plan, brand, and network.

This 7-step strategic approach has been refined into systematic and highly effective learning modules – “ICAway Talent Platform.”

See below for details:

Welcome to the ICAway Talent Platform

We've helped over 150 international job candidates turn rejections into job offers.

ICAway Talent Platform Offers You

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Receive Coach Kwan’s Personalized Support

Check out a sample of our weekly group coaching sessions in the video (on the left panel).

Available Packages


Recommended for incoming or first year students who want to be familiar with the US job market and job search techniques
  • Modules 1-7 & Tools/Templates
  • LIVE group coaching (for 3 months)
  • Ongoing LinkedIn community support
  • Technical support via email

Join ICAway Lite


Most Popular

Recommended for students who are actively preparing for an internship search (CPT), a full-time job search (OPT), or want to change job on STEM OPT (H-1B or Green Card)
  • Everything in Lite + Consistent Feedback on Your Job Searching
  • 1:1 for Assessment & Game Plan
  • Interactive assignments (see below for details)
  • On-Lesson Discussions
  • LIVE group coaching (until you land a job)
  • Unlimited Q&As via email
  • Interview Buddy
  • Bonus modules and tracking tools + report to coach until you get a job

Join ICAway Complete


Recommended for professionals who want to make a career pivot e.g. moving from academia to industry, shifting from one industry to another, etc.
  • Everything in Complete + Consistent Feedback on Your Job Searching
  • 1:1 for Your Networking Game Plan
  • 1:1 for Your Career Goal

Join ICAway VIP

*This is not a monthly subscription. We offer a payment plan to help you split your tuition fee across 7 months
& have lifetime access to the ICAway Talent Platform.

Coach Kwan will provide personalized feedback on your assignments:

  1. Your career goal
  2. Your job requirements
  3. Your selling points
  4. Your new resumes and LinkedIn profile
  5. Your email signature and elevator pitch
  6. Your voice recordings (job interview answers)
  1. Game Plan and Assessment (30 mins) 
    • a personalized session to review your job search timeline and key milestones that will help you step closer to your goals & your readiness for job searching
      • For Complete & VIP package only
  2. Networking Game Plan (60 mins) 
    • a personalized session to identify your target professionals in your desired job field and discuss a strategy to turn them into your career advocates 
      • For VIP package only
  3. Career Goal (60 mins) 
    • a personalized session to define your target jobs and industries based on the job market demand and your knowledge, skills and abilities. This is a crucial step to help you build your unique career brand that increases your job interview rates
      • For VIP package only

Jobs & Internships Earned by ICAway Alumni

And Many More…

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Let Us Answer Your Questions

A: If your goal is to find jobs when you’re eligible for your CPT or OPT, you should start the program as soon as you can when you get to the US. Don’t wait until you graduate.

A: The program offers both group and one-on-one coaching experience.

Coach Kwan designed the ICAway Talent Platform to simulate the learning experience of the students she has successfully coached on a one-on-one basis.

You will start your program with our assessment & game plan 1:1 session to build your personalized game plan. After that, we have 7 modules for you to complete where you can always ask questions and submit your career brand materials (Resumes, LinkedIn, and more) for Coach Kwan to review and approve via our platform.

On a weekly basis, you will get an exclusive invitation to our group coaching session. In this session, you can ask Coach Kwan questions LIVE, meet with our guest mentors and network with other members who are there to support each other!   

A: ICAway Talent Platform is not just another online course. It is your personal coach, a community of career ambitious international job seekers, and a support system (work visas, mentors, job referrals).

A: Yes, this program works for all job seekers who are not familiar with the US job market and do not have professional connections in the US. It helps you overcome your cultural barriers, and understand the whole process of hiring in the US. Our resources will help you improve your networking skills and how you present yourself to the American job market.

As we don’t know how to approach things in a different country, we need a coach to guide us.

This program answers our needs as an international candidate.

Sukarma, ICAway Alumna, Class of 2020

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