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Welcome to the Landing CPT, OPT, H-1B Jobs

A Career Guide Podcast for F-1 International Students

Listen to our new podcast to get tips to find your CPT, OPT, and H-1B jobs

This is the new season of the ICAway podcast that’s designed to help international students launch their first career in the U.S.A.

The international student job search situation is very unique.
When compared with domestic students, International students have to deal with more intense time constraints in their career search like having to get hired within 90 days after the OPT work authorization starts, and getting work visa sponsorship before the expiration of their OPT.

This podcast will help you start making the right gameplan, build a career brand and networking strategy.

You can listen to the latest episodes of the ICAway podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, or right on this page below:

Fortune 500 Internships – Fall Recruitment
Four Strategies to Stop the OPT Unemployment Allowance Clock
Find an OPT Job In a Tough Job Market [2023]
Advocating for a Fair H-1B Visa System
Stand Out at Career Fairs
ICAway Career Coach (Find F1 CPT, OPT, H-1B Jobs) (Trailer)
Myth #3 GPA is Everything (?)
Career Branding Myth #2 Experience Back in Home Country
Career Branding Myth #1 Experience That Matters to US Employers
Career Branding for International Students
Finding Visa Sponsors When 90-Day OPT Unemployment Allowance Is Running Out
2023 Job Search Game Plan for F-1 Students (During the Era of Mass Layoffs)
Introducing the “CPT, OPT, and H-1B Job Guides” Podcast
Becoming A Recruiter Magnet
🌟Personal Branding
🔎Finding Inclusive Companies 🌍
🌎Cultural Integration
🗽Startup Visas
🌎Cross-Cultural Job Seeking
Investing in Yourself
Landing Jobs in Canada 🍁
Never Settle For Less
Diversity of Thought
Adopting Resilience Skills
Career and Immigration Pathways
A Playbook for Landing Your Dream Job
Overcoming Your Fears
Our Accents in Job Interviews
Finding Mentors
Global Early Talents
Getting Hired into Tech
Becoming Extra Good
Visa Pathways for F1 & H-1B Policies
CPT and OPT (Do’s & Don’ts)

Would like to share your own story or would you like us to bring someone you like to the show? Please contact us at ICAwayTeam@outlook.com

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