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Coach Kwan

I am Coach Kwan and this is Meet the Mentor, my podcast for international job seekers. I am a career coach and the founder of ICAway. I teach international students and experienced professionals how to brand themselves as a talent in the U.S. job market.
In this show, you’ll be listening to organizational leaders and former international students who share their direct experience to help YOU overcome YOUR unique challenges as an international job seeker and build the right skills for a career search.

You can listen to the latest episodes of the Meet the Mentor on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or right on this page using the widget below:

Never Settle For Less
Diversity of Thought for Better Business
Thriving during Life Transitions
Adopting Resilience Skills
Career and Immigration Pathways
A Playbook for Landing Your Dream Job
Going Global as an Entrepreneur
Overcoming Your Fears
Our Accents in Job Interviews
Finding Mentors
Global Early Talents
Getting Hired into a FAANG company
Becoming Extra Good
H-1B Policies and Changes 2020
CPT and OPT (Do’s & Don’ts)

Would like to share your own story or would you like us to bring someone you like to the show? Please contact us at ICAwayTeam@outlook.com

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