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Build the Right Mindset For A Successful Job Interview as an International Student

Before preparing for any interview, please remember that your interview is not a test if you are in or out, it is about creating a conversation.

It's pretty ironic, right? Well, you might say to yourself now… I'm here for a job interview, how can I not think that I'm being tested and wonder if I'm going to pass or not?

My motto is if you want to win a job, you need to be 200% ready for whatever interview questions you will receive and on the interview day you need to have the right mind-set and remember to be authentic and engaging.

To check if you are authentic and engaging during the interview, let's evaluate yourself with these 2 questions:

  1. Do you polish your answers to make it sound perfect?

  2. Do you feel that your interviewers are judging you on whether or not you're a good fit for the company?

If you said "yes" to either one or both questions and haven't got any job offer yet, it is time for you to course-correct. My recommendation is that instead of setting the stage of your job interview as a critique and judgement of your career life sentence, you should "create a conversation" in your job interview.

What kind of mindset will help create a conversation?

Would you deliver your interview differently if you had the following mindset for your next interview?

  1. I am here to help them solve their problems.

  2. I am here because I want to work with this team and I want to discuss with them how this will work for me and them.

Some quick benefits that you will get right away from "creating a conversation" in your job interviews are:

  • It helps reduce your nervousness

  • You'll be able to present your ideas in a more authentic way as you won't feel that you're being judged

  • You will start building rapport with your interviewers as a potential team member

Well, again – this is life, and there's no perfect world.

Some employers could be unprofessional and may not want to create a conversation with you and instead may judge you.

Please check out my blog on "Nailing Job Interviews 101: How to Deal With Unprofessional Employers " who are not respecting candidates like you when you've worked so hard to win your job interview.

I hope this blog helps you feel more confident with your next job interview. As I always say "Nothing great ever comes that easy", it requires an effective game plan + practice.

Good luck with your career search!

Personal note: I'd like to say thank you to the young and talented international candidates who I have helped and am currently working with, who have achieved their dreams or are on their way to achieving their dreams. I've gained inspiration for my blogs through coaching them... "To me, you are a superstar"!

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