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Be a Good Fit Candidate as an International Student

I've talked in my previous blog about being "assertive" and "professional" as very important. However, "over-confidence" will not get your foot in the door either.

Presenting that you're smart – cool. But are you a smart person who can work with the team?

Do you fit in with the team and company culture?

Presenting yourself in the job interview is not about "YOU, YOU, YOU!" It is about HOW you can help the company, HOW you can help the team, HOW you help their clients solve their problems.

Compare 2 answers below from James and Jack, which guy would you like to hire?

What is your career goal in 5 years?

- James: My goal for the next 5 years is to have my CFA charter and work in the portfolio management field.

- Jack: I'd like to become an expert in Financial analysis field by obtaining CFA charter and become a go-to-person for my colleagues and my clients, and successful in the role of portfolio manager.

I'll finish this blog with 3 sample questions, let's practice how can you deliver the answer to these 3 questions without just focusing on YOU but about HOW you can help your potential employers:

- Why do you want to join us?

- Why this role?

- What is your working style?

I hope this blog helps you feel more self-assured with your next job interview. As I always say "Nothing great ever comes that easy", it requires an effective game plan + practice.

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Good luck with your career search!

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