• Kwan Segal

Revamping Your Career Fair Strategy

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Not a big fan of career fairs?

Can’t find any companies that want to sponsor?

Don’t know how to start a conversation with company representatives?

Coach Kwan sat down with Uyen Tran to walk through some strategies that international students can follow to optimize their opportunities at career fairs. Uyen Tran, an international student from Vietnam, was able to cut through 300 applications, become one of a very few candidates who landed job interviews, and finally secure a job offer from a leading global company in the aerospace and defense industry. Everything started at a career fair. She is the first international student hired by the company to join a finance team.

Want to know how she did it?

Find out how Uyen started out as a freshman making her way through a career fair all the way to maintaining relationships with key people that led to valuable opportunities.

Enroll today, it’s free! https://courses.icaway.com/courses/careerfair

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