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 International Students in the U.S.

ICAway Talent Platform

A Complete Career Coaching Solution

Our flagship coaching program that includes Networking, Career Branding strategies, and one-year support from Coach Kwan.

Assessment & Game Plan

Online Assessment + 1:1 Meeting

Complete this assessment and meet with Coach Kwan to review your customized heatmap and receive a strategic game plan for your career search. 


Intensive Program

24/7 Hands-On Support

We will transform your career brand, help you build new professional connections and secure employment in a time frame of 90 days.​ 100% of our students who took this intensive 1:1 program landed jobs.



A Strategic Game Plan to Help You Build a Professional Network in the U.S.

We will show you a process to bypass the immigration question hurdle by connecting with people who value your capability more than your visa status.



A Strategic Game Plan to Help You Market Yourself in the U.S. Job Market.

If you have been struggling with getting responses from your job applications and connecting with professionals through LinkedIn, this is the program for you.




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Check out our free resources and kick start your career search in the right way.


Colleges and Universities

International Student Career Ally Training Series 

Join Our Beta Test Program

You will be the first to have access to our premium coaching content and receive a special offer before it is launched to the public.


Become an ICAway University Partner

We are experts in Networking and Career Branding strategies for International Students. Partner with us and launch a webinar customized for your International Students.


Search Program

Outsource Our Coaching Services

Your students will have access to the ICAway Talent Platform and LIVE virtual coaching sessions. Throughout the program, students will be able to ask questions and receive responses within 24 hours.