Career Tips for International Students

Stand Out at Career Fairs

To learn more about job search strategy for F-1 international students, visit Are you looking for the best way to get noticed at career fairs? Attending a career fair can be an exciting opportunity for international students to make connections and find potential employers. But it can also be daunting if you don’t know what questions are appropriate to ask. In this podcast, I will discuss the right questions to ask and the ones that should be avoided when attending a career fair. Let’s listen to this episode and I hope you’ll enjoy the tips I provided in this episode to help make your career fair visit a successful one. Don’t forget to think ahead and research the companies beforehand, and be sure to ask the right questions when you meet employers. Think Big & Live Your Dream! Coach Kwan — Support this podcast:
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Master career fairs through confident approaches, impactful introductions, insightful questioning, and networking finesse. Sidestep pitfalls, develop a compelling personal brand, and leverage opportunities for long-term success.

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