3 Steps to Getting Referrals from Your Connections

Dear Coach Kwan, This pandemic has made job searching so competitive. I am so torn by online job applications that don’t yield results. You taught us about building meaningful connections with US professionals, and you advised we should not ask for jobs right away when connecting with people. I try to follow your advice, but […]

Career Fair Prep: How To Research A Company

Dear Coach Kwan, As career fair season quickly approaches, I am starting to get nervous about how to approach it. I understand that it is a great opportunity for me and I think I know how I should act during the fair but how should I prepare for it beforehand? Sincerely, A slightly-but-actually-very-nervous international student […]

Questions International Students Should (and Should Not) Ask at Career Fairs

1.Never ask: Do you sponsor H1-B? Let’s face it: most career fairs are for both domestic and international students. If they’re faced with two equally qualified candidates – one domestic, one international – who is more likely to get hired? The answer is easy to find: the domestic one. Hiring domestic students is simply more […]

Get Ready for Your Next Career Fairs

Career fairs are a great way for employers to expand their talent search to fill vacant positions in their companies. Many international students may feel the pressure of going to a career fair and looking for their dream job. But did you know that it is not just the candidates who feel pressure at career […]