Career Tips for International Students

Thriving during Life Transitions

It can be an overwhelming process:
  • Moving from your home country to the US,
  • Enrolling in an American academic program,
  • Maintaining good grades,
  • Finding internships, and
  • Trying to secure a full-time job while you’re on OPT.
Harpuneet came to the US from India in 2012. as a Rotary International Foreign Exchange student and graduated with High Honors from High School. She then went to Albert Dorman Honors College, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and graduated with a Business and Finance degree in May 2018. She currently works at Burgiss as a Client Service Analyst and serves as a Board Member at ALPFA’s New Jersey chapter. This path may sound like a smooth road but it is certainly not. As an international student or an immigrant who moved to a new country and wanted to accomplish something that’s bigger than ourselves, we need to thrive during our life transitions. Let’s hear from Harpuneet – how she thrived during her life transitions as an international student in the US. Review our show, please go to Apple Podcast — Support this podcast: