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ICAway Talent Platform Orientation 7 Step Roadmap

Introducing the ICAway Career Success Roadmap

A 7-step career success roadmap that has already helped international students across academic disciplines (both STEM and Non-STEM) build their brand and network and eventually land a job at a company that sponsored them.

Here's what your journey will look like when joining us:

Week 1: One-On-One Meeting
To create a personalized job search
game plan with your CPT and OPT
career coach international students job search
Week 2: Career Brand Materials
Coach Kwan will develop your career brand materials,
including new resumes, a LinkedIn profile, a master cover letter,
and feedback on your ePortfolio.
ICAway Talent Platform Orientation Career Brand
Week 3: Personalized Networking Game Plan
Meet with Coach Kwan 1:1 to identify target professionals
and learn how to turn them into advocates
ICAway Talent Platform Orientation Networking Cropped
Week 4: Receive continuous support
Until you land a job through unlimited Q&A with Coach Kwan,
weekly group coaching sessions and our exclusive LinkedIn group.

As a VIP member, you will also receive 1:1 mock interviews with Coach Kwan
and ask questions real time via WhatsApp.

On average, our students land jobs within 3 weeks of finishing the program

Everything You Need to

Land Your Dream Job in the U.S.

This program is recommended for students/professionals who need hands-on support and want to save time from completing online courses.

You will receive your career brand materials developed by Coach Kwan that include:

  • Your new resumes (Networking Resume & ATS Resume)
  • Your new LinkedIn profile
  • Your Cover Letter (Master)
  • Feedback on your e-Portfolio

You will receive three mock interview sessions include:

  • Session I: Practice Your Elevator Pitch and Tell Me About Yourself
  • Session II: Practice Behavioral and Technical Questions
  • Session III: Prepare for Your Big Interview

You can also ask Coach Kwan questions anytime one-on-one for 3 months via WhatsApp

“I discovered my selling points. My resume from the past compared to now is a different story. Even after getting this job, recruiters still reach out to me every week. In addition, the program has helped me feel very comfortable talking to strangers whether during networking or job interviews.”

Fernanda Garcia Audit & Assurance Intern, Deloitte

“I didn’t have industry experience in the past. After taking the program, new opportunities are pouring in continuously."

Rupinder Sandhu, Ph.D. Global Ecosystem Product Manager, Bayer

“I’ve got many precious job interview opportunities with top companies like Capital One, McKinsey, and Amazon because of ICAway.”

Mary Xu Business Finance Analyst, Google

    Program Features

    Weekly Group Coaching Sessions


    Networking Skill Training

    1:1 Networking Game Plan Session with Coach Kwan

    Job Application Strategy

    1:1 Sessions (Career Goal, Job Requirement Research, Selling Point Finder) with Coach Kwan

    Exclusive LinkedIn Group Access

    Assessment & Game Plan Session

    Immigration Advice Module & Support

    Salary Negotiation Module & Support

    Q&A with Coach Kwan

    Unlimited via email, on-lesson discussions, and WhatsApp

    New Resumes

    Meet 1:1 and receive your new resumes developed by Coach Kwan

    New LinkedIn Profile

    Meet 1:1 and receive your LinkedIn profile recommendations developed by Coach Kwan


    Receive a review and recommendations from Coach Kwan

    Mock Interviews

    3 mock interviews

    Real-time WhatsApp Chat

    3 months

    ProspanicaConference CareerExpo 8495 2

    Invest In Your Career

    Only 5 students
    will be accepted per enrollment period

    Payment Plan

    $589 x 7 months*
    Split tuition fee across 7 months. Even if students get a job offer or decide to discontinue the program before the payment plan ends, students are still responsible for completing the payment.

    You will get $20 off in your first month when you join our waitlist below. The program is a lifetime membership.

    Save $589
    Receive special discounts when paying in full.

    The program offers you a lifetime membership.

    Please Fill Out the Form Below to Start Your Enrollment

    We offer rolling admissions. We will let you know in 3 days if your slot becomes available.

    After receiving the email from us, you will have 7 days to complete the registration once your slot is open.

    You will also receive a $20 OFF coupon code when filling out this form.


    Is ICAway Talent Platform right for you?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • This program is for any international job seekers (either international students or experienced professionals) who need comprehensive steps and techniques to build new professional connections and find jobs in the U.S., regardless of your major and industry (both STEM and Non-STEM).
    • Our members have pursued jobs as Data Analysts​, Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Supply Chain Analysts, Business Intelligence Analyst, UX Researcher, UX Writer, Market Researcher, Logistics Specialists, CRM Specialist, Mechanical Engineers, Data Managers, Product Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Software Programmers, Java Developers, Instructional Designers, Architects, Quality Assurance Managers, Environmental Scientists, Polymer Scientists, R&D Scientists, Research Agronomist, HR Managers, and more.
    • The program offers both group and one-on-one coaching experience. Coach Kwan designed the ICAway Talent Platform to simulate the learning experience of the students she has successfully coached on a one-on-one basis.
    • You will start your program with our assessment & game plan 1:1 session to build your personalized game plan. After that, we have 7 modules for you to complete where you can always ask questions and submit your career brand materials (Resumes, LinkedIn, and more) for Coach Kwan to review and approve via our platform.
    • On a weekly basis, you will get an exclusive invitation to our group coaching session. In this session, you can ask Coach Kwan questions LIVE, meet with our guest mentors and network with other members who are there to support each other!   
    • Our methodology will help you find jobs and internships. We first will meet in the game plan session to walk through your timeline and target dates for an internship and then a full-time job (if you’re eligible for CPT). The system will set your key milestones in order for you to reach your Short-term, Mid-term, and Long-term goals. The earlier you start, the more time there is where I can help you.
    • Please understand that the main purpose of the program is not a job placement service (even though we have connections and help refer top performers to employers from time to time). The main purpose of the program is to help you build skills/branding to stand out in the U.S. job market.
    • ICAway Talent Platform is not just another online course. It is your personal coach, a community of career ambitious international job seekers, and a support system (work visas, mentors, job referrals).
    • I provide a Payment plan where you can kick start the program at $129 for a complete package.
    • This is a 7-months payment plan where you will get a lifetime membership.
    • I know you love discounts so I’m giving a coupon code to students who choose to use a payment plan.
    • You will get $20 off in your first month. The program is a lifetime membership.
    • Let’s say you want to utilize the resources today through the next 12 months only, your daily investment will be around $2.42 per day in the program.
    • The value that you will receive from my program is a lot more than the fees that you will pay. More than 50% of my students landed jobs with a salary offer at & above 90K annually. A few received a six-figure salary.
    • It is all about how you calculate your Return on Investment and what matters in your life.
    • Yes, this program works for all job seekers who are not familiar with the US job market and do not have professional connections in the US. It helps you overcome your cultural barriers, and understand the whole process of hiring in the US. Our resources will help you improve your networking skills and how you present yourself to the American job market.
    • This program is not limited to students. If your job search barriers are about not knowing how to get interviews, not knowing how to target employers, and/or not knowing how to pass job interviews and get hired, this program will help you overcome those mentioned barriers.
    • Yes, you will have access to the ICAway Talent Platform right away and be able to book your first session (Assessment & Game Plan). Scheduling is made on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • We have students who have 2 years before graduation joining our program. Students who joined us before graduation successfully secured their internships and full time employments.
    • When you start early, you will have guidance on how to navigate your career in the right way as an international job candidate without losing time and energy on things that won’t yield results.
    • The earlier you start, the more benefits you will get from the program.  
    • If you believe that you don’t need to make an effort but becoming a member will give you a new job overnight, this is not a program for you.
    • If you want to be a generalist, not a specialist, this is not a program for you. Being a generalist will not help you compete with domestic candidates.
    • We have a proven methodology and you are in the driver’s seat to implement and achieve your goals. We have seen trends that when students have followed our game plan closely and stayed in touch with Coach Kwan, they have received job or internship offers.
    • We’re not implying you’ll automatically have the same results. Your results may vary and depend on many factors. All the results referenced in our student success stories are individual outcomes.
    • If your goal is to find jobs when you’re eligible for your CPT or OPT, you should start the program as soon as you can when you get to the US. The program will teach you how to build meaningful connections with professionals so that they become your career advocates/job referrals. It takes time to build rapport and trust with people.
    • Don’t wait until you graduate.
    • We offer a payment plan to make the program more affordable. Even if you get a job offer before your payment plan ends, you are still responsible for your payment. This applies even if you decide to discontinue the program before the payment plan ends.
    • Please note that the payment plan is only 7 month-period but the program offers you a lifetime membership.

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    You deserve to feel 100% confident about your decision to enroll, we’ve got you covered!

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