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Welcome to iCEP

The Cross-Cultural Career Advisor Academy


Welcome to iCEP, 

Our flagship Cross-Cultural Career Advisor Academy by ICAway, where colleges and universities’ advisors and staff members gain practical methodologies and insights to enhance their support system for the international student population on campus.

Recognizing the challenges international students face in their job search, our program infuses empathy into every aspect. As career advisors, it’s essential to consistently motivate students, especially when they encounter barriers.

Why iCEP?

Our focus is on fostering cross-cultural empathy and integration, allowing advisors to identify and address the unique challenges faced by international students, thus unlocking their full potential.

We offer practical tips to empower you in facilitating transformative change management for your students. It involves guiding individuals in their journey of self-discovery and fostering self-improvement through inquiry, feedback, and various techniques. 

As we equip you with techniques to empower your students, we also prioritize empowering you as advisors, ensuring you can support your students while maintaining mindfulness of both your needs and theirs.

This signifies that all approaches discussed in this training are grounded in real-world practices rather than theoretical concepts.

The iCEP pilot phase offers three tailored online modules for career advisors and students:

Module 1:  Cross-Cultural Networking

How Can We Help Students Overcome Networking Fears and Become Equipped with Advocacy Skills?

Module 2: Mindful Job Search 

How Can We Empower Students to Develop Resilience and Self-Awareness in Job Searching?

Module 3: Performance Tracking

How Can We Monitor Progress and Evaluate Outcomes Systematically?

Who Should Participate:

Designed for university or college advisors seeking to develop their skills and gain insights into effectively supporting international students, the iCEP program offers a comprehensive package of three online modules. These modules are tailored to address the unique needs of advisors working with diverse student populations, equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to guide international students through their career development journey.

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain insight into the underlying barriers faced by international students.
  2. Enhance communication with students and foster the mindset and behavior conducive to productivity.
  3. Acquire knowledge of key metrics and receive examples of methods to engage and monitor students for long-term success.

Curriculum Overview (Content below needs an update)

Module 1: Cross-Cultural Networking

Common Misperceptions in Networking

Build a game plan with key actionable steps to achieve your career goals

Coach Kwan will walk through your personalized career search game plan and discuss how you can optimize our resources effectively.

Networking Strategy

Change the way you think about networking. You will shift your mindset from thinking of networking as intimidating to something attainable and inspiring.

Receive tips to build trust and engagement with professionals and turn them into your career advocates.

Create an actionable networking plan to identify, find and maintain a relationship with your target professionals and companies.

Get all the best resources such as networking email templates, LinkedIn invite and InMail templates, Informational Interview templates, Asking for Referrals templates, Networking Evaluation Tools and much more!

Career Branding Strategy

Define a career goal that helps increase your chances of getting job interviews and eventually get hired.

Promote the right skills and experience to attract your target employers via your strategic resume building, keyword-optimized LinkedIn, e-Portfolio, business card, and email signature.

Approach job interviews strategically and position yourself as a business problem solver. You will also get tips on how to juggle multiple job offers and negotiate a salary.

Approach the job search process as if it were a project, which will allow you to be focused, organized and goal-oriented.

Get all the best resources such as Job Interview Cheat Sheet, Salary Negotiations, Cover Letters, Resumes and much more!


Receive red carpet email Q&A access with a skilled immigration attorney

Use a special template to report your statuses of job searching and receive personalized advice


Kwan Segal brings over 15 years of invaluable experience as a human-capital consultant, having contributed her expertise to renowned global corporations such as BMW, Accenture, and Deloitte. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded Talent Development initiatives on a large scale, positively influencing the professional trajectories of thousands of employees worldwide.

Drawing from her extensive background and firsthand experience navigating the job market in the United States, Kwan has developed a tailored training program aimed at empowering international students with the necessary skills for their career pursuits. Her program not only equips students with practical tools but also encourages them to overcome cultural barriers, preparing them effectively for the U.S. professional landscape.

Kwan’s dedication to the field extends beyond her consulting work. She has actively contributed to organizations such as the NCDA International Student Services Committee and the Central Asian Productivity and Research Center (CAPRC). Furthermore, she has presented at prestigious national and international conferences, including the NACE, NCDA, and NAFSA, where she shares her insights on career development and international education.

Kwan holds an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management – Sasin School of Management’s international education partnership program. Additionally, she is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources by HRCI, further validating her expertise in the field.

A Few Words From Our University Partners

“Kwan is a natural-born leader, coach, creator, innovator, and change agent in higher education.”

Michael Elliott, PhD Director of International Student and Scholar Services, University at Albany, SUNY

"Kwan is the first person I think of when I am meeting with an international student who is looking for extra help with their job search."

Ed Brodka Career Design Consultant, University at Buffalo, SUNY

"Working with Kwan has exceeded my expectations for collaboration."

Caitlin Quillen Career Coach, Wisconsin School of Business

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Program Benefits

Transformative Kwan Coaching

Transformative Skills Development

Gain practical insights into barriers faced by international students, enhance communication and productivity, and learn key metrics and methods to engage and monitor students for long-term success.

Community Kwan Coaching

Engaging Community

Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Connect, collaborate, and grow together in an environment that fosters support and mutual success.

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

Earn a certificate of completion that showcases your dedication and newly acquired skills. Highlight your achievements and enhance your professional profile.

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