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A Few Words from ICAway Alumni (organized by industry)

Technology Industry

Shazman Khan

Program Manager, Amazon

“Without a structure from the ICAway Talent Platform, I don’t think I would have landed a job at Amazon.”

Pat Duangurai

Business Analyst, Anju Life Sciences Software

“Kwan’s coaching program helped me become focused and progressed toward the direction I always want to go.”

Miral Shah

Sales Ops Specialist, Google

“Every penny that I invested in the ICAway Talent Platform has benefitted me not just for getting this job but throughout my career.”

Sukarma Parimoo

Business System Analyst, WIPRO

“As we don’t know how to approach things in a different country, we need a coach to guide us. This program answers our needs as a an international candidate”

Mary Xu

Business Intelligence Analyst, Amazon

“I’ve got many precious job interview opportunities with top companies like Capital One, McKinsey, and Amazon because of ICAway.”

Li-Ting Hsieh

Program Manager, Microsoft

“Through assignments like job requirement research and selling point finders on the ICAway Talent Platform, I created two versions of new resumes from scratch and optimized my LinkedIn profile with the keywords, which raised the response rate after resume submission or connection invitations.

Galina Zhiliakova

Product Manager, Solidus Labs

“Before joining the program, I didn’t see any results from my job search. But after I finished my career brand with Kwan, I received 34 emails from recruiters without applying for jobs. I finally got 5 job offers and I’m now working in my dream industry

Financial Services Industry

Jae Kwon

Actuarial Analyst, Oliver Wyman

“I graduated during the pandemic with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration when I joined the program. 

The sense of enthusiasm and confidence that Kwan implemented in the program was crucial in overcoming the discouragement in me. Not only the contents in the program were helpful, but just absorbing Kwan’s energy and her drive to students’ success really motivated me to push through the job searching process, which resulted in receiving 3 full-time offers. All of them are large financial services companies in the U.S.”

Wenyue Hu

Business Analyst, MUFG Bank

“With Kwan’s help, I was able to land my dream job before my Master’s graduation. She is absolutely a miracle coach.”

Fernanda Garcia

Underwriting Analyst, Spinnaker Insurance

“I discovered my selling points. My resume from the past compared to now is a different story. Even after getting this job, recruiters still reach out to me every week. In addition, the program has helped me feel very comfortable talking to strangers whether during networking or job interviews.”

Thy Ngo

Compliance Analyst, CAPCO

“Kwan has guided me in every step of the way. Without any prior real world work experience, I landed a job within 10 weeks after joining ICAway.”

Management Consultant

Mario Aguilar Méndez

Senior Analyst, Deloitte

“I am an experienced professional but I didn’t have a degree from the university in the US. It was hard for me to make myself marketable to American employers. I got this job at Deloitte because of Kwan’s game plan and coaching.”

Agribusiness Industry

Rupinder Sandhu, Ph.D.

Data Manager, Locus AG

“I didn’t have industry experience in the past. After taking the program, new opportunities are pouring in continuously. I also received another 2 job offers from other employers in the industry when I got this job offer.”

Engineering Industry

Maria Rivero

Project Engineer, SITE DESIGN

“I started this career coaching program with many expectations. All of them have been fulfilled and surpassed.

Ngoc Tran

Mechanical Engineer, Honeywell

“I didn’t have any prior professional experience at all. But after rebranding my resume and LinkedIn according to Kwan’s methodology, I received so many responses from recruiters. I think my response rate increased by at least 80%.”

Naisargi Dave

Environmental Scientist II, EA Engineering Science and Technology

“Kwan is the backbone of my achievement. I appreciate everything she’s done and still continue to do for the early career professionals.”

Sonam Devadiga

Global Project Procurement & Supply Chain Specialist, Fluence by Siemens and AES

“Besides the training, the ICAway community is also very helpful. You get to be around people who are motivated and care about professional growth as you are. It’s a boost for me

Oil & Gas Industry

Yuxi Sun

Supply Chain Coordinator , Praxair

“I took the ICAway program when I was eligible for a full time CPT in my last semester. I landed a full time job within 16 days of my 90-day intensive program with Kwan.”

Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

Rosario Ciricillo

Operations Specialist, PGL

“The program completely changed the way I thought about job searching. I received a job offer within 29 days after joining ICAway.”

Healthcare Industry

Apurva Dhengle

Contact Tracing Team Lead, Heluna Health

“I used to have fear of rejection from networking. ICAway Talent Platform has helped me overcome that fear. I made tons of professional connections after joining ICAway.”

Marketing & Advertising Industry

Chole Techamani

HR analyst, Dentsu International

“Coach Kwan helped me realize my potential. She also held up a mirror so I could see my blind spots and held me accountable for working through them. She guided me along the way through this rocky journey.”

Automative Industry

Revati Garg

Digital QA Analyst, Toyota

“Modules from the ICAway Talent Platform has helped me connect with professionals in a meaningful way. As a result, I found this job through connections without applying online.”

Architecture and Construction Industry

Thanapa Pornprathanwech

Project Architect, Geddes Ulinskas Architects​

“I followed step by step on the ICAway Talent Platform. Everything is quite easy and Coach Kwan’s feedback on the exercises have helped me so much”