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career coach for international students
A: No, we are not a consultancy or a job agent. We are an educator and career coach. We don’t take your future salaries as a fee for our service.
A: This program is for any international job seekers (either international students or experienced professionals) who need comprehensive steps and techniques to build new professional connections and find jobs in the U.S., regardless of your major and industry.

Our members have pursued jobs as Data Analysts​, Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Quantitative Analysts, Market Research Analysts, Supply Chain Analysts, Product Analysts, Logistics Specialists, Mechanical Engineers, Data Managers, Product Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Software Programmers, Java Developers, Instructional Designers, Architects, Quality Assurance Managers, Environmental Scientists, Polymer Scientists, R&D Scientists, Research Agronomist, Product Marketing Managers, HR Managers, and more.
A: If you believe that you don’t need to make an effort but becoming a member will give you a new job overnight, this is not a program for you. If you want to be a generalist, not a specialist, this is not a program for you.

A: We have a proven methodology and you are in the driver’s seat to implement and achieve your goals. We have seen trends that when students have followed our game plan closely and stayed in touch with Coach Kwan, they have received job or internship offers.

We’re not implying you’ll automatically have the same results. Your results may vary and depend on many factors. All the results referenced in our student success stories are individual outcomes.

A: With Coach Kwan’s HR expertise, she is able to help you discover competencies that your target employers look for in a candidate. The approach applies to any jobs/fields. Our program will teach you how to develop outstanding networking skills and a strong career brand. You will learn how to be your own career advocates and present yourself as a talent for your field.

A: If your goal is to find jobs when you’re eligible for your CPT or OPT, you should start the program as soon as you can when you get to the US. Don’t wait until you graduate.

A: Our programs provide more personalized coaching and feedback and LIVE interactions than most career services in the market. Members are included in an empowering community with access to mentors and more networking opportunities. We also understand unique challenges that international students and immigrants experience (e.g. work visas, cultural differences). Our coaching content and support systems will help you break through those barriers.

A: Yes, this program works for all job seekers who are not familiar with the US job market and do not have professional connections in the US. It helps you overcome your cultural barriers, and understand the whole process of hiring in the US. Our resources will help you improve your networking skills and how you present yourself to the American job market.

A: We offer a payment plan to make the program more affordable. Even if you get a job offer before your payment plan ends, you are still responsible for your payment. This applies even if you decide to discontinue the program before the payment plan ends. No exceptions.

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